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Normal Installation

Login to WordPress Admin and browse to Appearance > Themes.
Click on the Add New Theme (or “Install Themes” tab for older versions) and click Upload.
Browse your computer to select “motive.zip” (it’s in the zip file you downloaded from ThemeForest). Click “Install Now” button.
Once it’s uploaded, click the Activate link.
b. FTP Installation (alternate method)

Use your FTP software to browse to wp-content/themes folder.
Extract motive.zip and upload the motive folder.
Once it’s uploaded, go to your WordPress Admin, browse to Appearance > Themes.
Click the Activate link.
Important After activation, you will be presented with several plugins that you have to activate. Do not forget to activate them all or not all of the theme features will be available.

Note If you have existing content and featured images, you will have to install Regenerate Thumbnails plugin and run it from Tools > Regen. Thumbnails.

Sample Content Import (optional)

We highly recommend against using this method in production. Please only use on a an extra copy for testing or experimenting. This method most likely will fail on shared web hosts. Uncheck “import attachments” option if it fails and try again.

Warning Please do not import content on a WordPress installation that already has a lot of content. Or the very least, make a backup first. A catastrophic mess can be created.

Using the new method, you can get sample content that’s pretty close to the demo site. It will generate random images that are under public domain license (creative commons zero).

Enable all Bunyad plugins as recommended by the Theme.
Optional: Install WooCommerce and bbPress if you wish to use them.
Optional: Delete all your existing widgets from Appearance > Widgets from the “Main Sidebar”.
Go to Theme Settings > Sample Import and click Import Sample Data. You might have to wait up to 5 minutes!
That’s it.
Tip If it fails, you will have to request your webhost to increase your PHP max_execution_time (or any other webserver timeout to at least 300 secs) and memory_limit (to at least 196M) temporarily.

Changing The Skin

Motive comes with 3 skins, Creative Magazine, News, and Classic Magazine. You can see these all in our demo. By default, News skin is active. To change the skin:

Go to Appearance > Theme Settings > Skin & Color.
Next to Pre-defined Skin, select your desired Skin. Click Ok on confirmation popup.
Save Settings.
Colors & Typography You can change fonts and colors even after changing the skin. While their shown values may be the default skin values, they can still be changed.

Creative Skin Color If you want the color used in our demo, you can set the color to #c32700 under General > Theme Color in Skin & Color settings.

Homepage Setup

There are many different widgets/blocks that can be used to construct your homepage (or any page). To learn more about creating pages, please refer to Creating Pages section of the docs.

Creating Your Homepage

The easiest way to get started is to use the pre-made templates in the Page Builder and then modify their settings.

Go to Pages > Add New and click Backend Editor button.
Now you should see the screen in the image below. Click on one of the Homepa

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